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Fun Post: A look inside an ADHD’ers Purse

I follow and read a lot of blogs and follow a lot of bloggers. I saw a post last week where a blog did a “what’s inside my purse” post and their purse was so well organized…immaculate I would say. What a stark contrast to the 10 pound black faux leather junk drawer I lug around on my shoulder each day. So… I thought I would do a post on what’s my purse.


Pocket 1

So….In pocket number one ladies and gentlemen, we have a wonderful assortment of items including lavender pills to calm me down whenever my anxiety descends upon me like a dark cloud.

A medication insert for medication I never took and I’m not quite sure what the pills were for. Come to think about it where the fuck are the pills?

Half used lip gloss, a pen that doesn’t work and that I grab enthusiastically as I search for something to write with while I’m out…only to be disappointed when I realize once again it doesn’t write.

A phone charger that I bought because I forgot I already had a charger. My keys that I’m never able to find because they’re under the charger, lip gloss, pills, and medication inserts.

A comb that I picked up off the floor in my living room and instead of putting it back where it belonged I shoved it in my purse…along with a hair bow. Neither of which I use.

Pocket 2

In PWhat's in your purseocket number two… there is a cup koozie from my cousin’s baby shower 2 months ago.

Eyeshadow and lipstick pallets. Lip gloss and lip balm. Folded paper with coupons that I have yet to do for stores I have yet to visit.

An appointment reminder card for my ENT….looks like I did miss that appointment two weeks ago.

More receipts that I’m supposed to add to our budget to track our spending and do a post on how much I’m spending.

A Post-It with meal planning ideas that I stuck on the living room wall so I would remember what to cook for dinner. When the adhesive wore off and it started to fall off the wall, I put shoved it in my purse.

Another charger cord because once again  I forgot I had one already. A single earring with no back… I have no idea where the other earring is.

Pocket 3

In pocket threWhat's in your pursee, we have a used paper towel. My wallet which is bursting at the seams with receipts.

A birthday card from my birthday 4 months ago. A Weight Watchers pocket guide from 5 months ago that I never looked through.

A bottle of allergy medicine that I can never find in the morning.

More coupons.

A dead Fitbit covered in cracker crumbs with a broken wrist buckle.


So that’s my purse!

I can never find anything in it and the things I do find certainly don’t belong in it but it’s mine. Lol I like to think of it as a time capsule. As I go through and clean it out I reminisce on everything:
“Oh yeah, that’s the appointment I was supposed to go to!”

“I’ll look at this meal plan it looks awesome”

“Oh I saved so much money on that trip!?”

“Oh man…I was so drunk that night…where is my other earring?!”



What’s in your purse?

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