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Weekly Meal Plan July 2nd

As mentioned before, we are sticking to our strict budget of approximately $60 – $80 a week for our grocery budget and also attempting to incorporate more plant-based meals into our diets. This means buying less meat and freeing up funds to spend on delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. I actually came in under our budget at Aldi this week at approximately $57 and that was actually for 2 weeks….ho…..ly…..crap… we had some unexpected expenses and we did not want to dip into our savings or dip into other funds so we decided we could make our grocery budget stretch with careful planning. Our goal is to also eat more of our meals at home and you know…actually stick to our meal plan instead of ordering take out -_-  For our meal plan this week, as always its very simple and things that we can make in under 30 minutes.  So here’s what we came up with for this week. I’ll be posting recipes and the menu for next week as well towards the end of the week.

Weekly Meal Plan 7/2

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