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Using Affirmations to Change Negative Self Talk

Affirmations, some people hear that word and their eyes immediately roll into the back of their heads. “You’ve got to be kidding me, repeating this BS over and over will suddenly change my life? Do you want me to wear yoga pants and drink green tea too?” The truth is, you practice daily affirmations to yourself every day – whether you are aware of them or not. “I’m such a klutz”, “I’ll never get this project done”, “My butt is huge”. These are affirmations. They are beliefs about yourself that you speak into existence, over….and over….and over again. Don’t believe it will have an impact? Imagine telling your child, “You’re such a ditz, you’ll never do anything right”, over time that will become their inner voice. They’ll begin to believe it. What they hear over and over, they begin to believe, they begin to manifest unless they counteract those beliefs and thoughts with something different…something positive. Affirmations are incredibly useful in changing your inner dialogue and correcting your negative mindset.

Whether you stand in front of a mirror each day and tell loving affirmations to yourself or record them on your phone and listen to them as you drive to work, either way…. create a list of affirmations just for you and listen to them each day.

To start, think of the negative things you say to yourself and find an alternate positive affirmation to replace the negative. For example, instead of saying:

“I’m ugly, I hate what I see in the mirror”, your new affirmation could be “I choose to see my beauty, inside and out”.

“I’ll never get my life together”, your new affirmation could be “Today I am taking steps to better my life and live my dreams”

“Bad crap always happens to me”, your new affirmation could be “I will choose to recognize the blessings in my life. Every day is a gift. Every negative has a lesson of hope. I will choose to see my blessings and be a blessing.”

Scan the different areas of your life, scan your body, scan your thoughts. Find the negative thoughts that offer no value to you or your life and replace them with thoughts that can offer value to your life. When you catch yourself saying the useless negative thoughts, stop yourself, apologize to yourself out loud, provide a positive counter thought, and go about your day. Do not allow anyone to demean you or your existence, that includes yourself.

So, give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? You speak kind words to yourself each day?

Everyday…. for 30 days…. give its shot. Set a reminder on your phone.

Want to liven up your daily affirmations and combine them with meditation? Check out my DIY Guided Meditation post. Need additional ideas for affirmations? Check out Louise Hay’s list of affirmations.

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