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Top 10 Places to Shop for Plus Size Fashion

Fashion is constantly directed towards those who are size 12 and under, however, a recent study by the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education tells us that the average American woman is now a size 16. I, however, fall wayyyyyyyyyyyy beyond that lol and it’s ok, I know other women do as well. But hey, we still like cute stuff. We don’t want to be relegated to wearing long floral rectangle dresses (affectionately called Moomoos), we love our curves, we are comfortable in our bodies, and we want to drape them in fashionable items as well. So I put together this list of the Top Stores for Plus Size Fashion. These stores offer trendy plus size fashion and go well beyond the size 16!

Have a store that isn’t listed? Add it to the comments below.

  1. Torrid

Size: 10 – 30Top 10 Sites for Plus Size Fashion

Oh My Gawd Becky…….I love Torrid! As the closeted goth/grunge girl I am with my twisted humor and sarcasm I absolutely love Torrid. I could never wear their clothes before because they were always wayyy too tight around the chest area – my store only had a
size 24-26 in store. Well now Torrid sells up to a size 30. Perfect for me! Be sure to become a Torrid Insider to receive extra discounts and check Retail Me Not for additional promo codes.

  1. Catherines

Size: 16 – 34

Catherine’s has stepped up their game so much over the decade and have become
trendier and with better sales. Their clothes cater more towards those over the age of 30 and they are a great selection of professional attire. I love their Curvy Collection which accentuates the curves and is a little sexier than their other attire. Shop only when they have a sale though!

  1. Igigi

Size: 14-36

When I walked down the aisle, my wedding dress was about $200 and came from Igigi. While a bit on the pricey side (for a cheapskate like me), their clothes are radiating sexiness through the pages of their site. From dresses to skirts, to deep plunging necklines that show off our girls in a flattering yet bold way…..this is the place to be! Oh….and they carry up to a size 36!!

  1. Kiyonna

Size: 10 – 32

Kiyonna reminds me so much of Igigi. Their trendy styles venture into the sensual with their curve hugging material that aims to flatter not hide every inch of your body. Kiyonna specializes in styles that are uber feminine and have an exceptional selection of dresses ranging from casual everyday dresses to wedding gowns. They are definitely worth a peek!

  1. Cato Fashions

Size: 14 – 34

Cato’s was THE store for plus size fashion next to Lane Bryant growing up. Their styles were insanely affordable, trendy, AND they were located down the street which was a huge plus. The biggest issue I have with Cato is that….for a store that offers a wide variety of plus size fashions, the plus size models are largely absent from their site. This is a huge pet peeve of mine because….like everyone else….we like to see how styles look on bodies similar to ours. Their lack of diversity in models is made up though by their affordable pricing and styles. But still….get it together Cato.

  1. Ashley Stewart

Size: 12-32Top 10 Sites for Plus Size Fashion

I was so bummed when our brick and mortar Ashley Stewart closed in Charlotte a few years ago. Ashley Stewart was a leader in advertising beautiful plus size black women in their ads and in their fashions. This was one of the many reasons we lovingly embraced their styles. Black, Plus models in mainstream fashion? Um Hell yes please! Their styles are chic, hip, and budget friendly.

  1. Lane Bryant

Size: 14-28

Lane Bryant….what plus size girl doesn’t shop here?! Lane Bryant landed further down on my list simply because they stop at a size 28….and they kept pissing me off with their poor customer service and prices. However, on a fashion side, their clothes are amazing. Known as the little sister of Catherines, Lane Bryant caters to a younger crowd than Catherines but their prices run significantly less than Catherines and the styles are what you would see on a typical 20 something full figured gal. Their clothes play it safe, nothing too edgy, nothing too boring, but I still for the life of me can’t find anything that stands out. Regardless, you can always style up their fashions on your own with accessories, layering, and pairing.

  1. Avenue

Size: 12-32

Avenue is constantly blowing up my text messages with coupons and sales. Their clothes are geared toward the younger crowd like Lane Bryants, however their prices are incredibly affordable. What I love about Avenue, like Torrid, is they showcase real people wearing their clothes on their site (just tag them on social media with your pics). This allows me to see different body styles and how the clothes hang on those that are similar to my size. Plus, like I said, they not only always have sales but they blow up your text with amazing coupons. We are fortunate enough to have a brick and mortar store near us so I love to pop in and see their fashions up close and in person. For me their pants run small, but maybe that’s just my booty….

  1. Monif C

Size 12-24

I haven’t shopped at Monif C yet….mostly because they only go up to a size 24 -_- but their clothes look so fantastic. Unlike the other stores I’ve mentioned, Monif C isn’t afraid to show plus women bearing their midriffs. The models pose confidently with their belly showing and the clothes are vibrant and full of life. Like Ashley Stewart, they also proudly display plus black women of all shades on their pages. Now I just have to drop a few sizes to fit in their clothes….again…. I say -_-

  1. Society Plus

Size: 14 -32

Like Monif, I haven’t ventured to order from Society Plus just yet but OMG I am loving their look book and styles. I’m not a big skirt peTop 10 Sites for Plus Size Fashionrson but their skirts are ah-maz-ing. There are so many styles, lengths, and patterns to scroll through all at affordable prices (right now around $35 with their sale). One of the newest shops on the plus size scene, Society Plus prides themselves in diversity and it shows as you scroll their online catalogs. Again, representation matters. Seeing women who look like me and have similar body types makes it so much easier for me to fall in love with their designs.





So those are my top 10 sites! Don’t forget to check out my post on finding deals so that you can find some promo codes to stack with the deals these retailers offer and save some $$$. There’s no shame in balling on a budget 🙂

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22 thoughts on “Top 10 Places to Shop for Plus Size Fashion

  1. This was a very good read. I am also going to share this with several of my colleagues. As a woman I love to see all women dress in style and confidence.

  2. This is great. I feel like so many plus sized women get left out off wearing some superb outfits because they cannot find great places to shop. This is a great list.

  3. Super helpful list. I’m a 12 and most stores don’t have that size in anything that looks good. It’s good to know there are specific options out there

  4. This post is such a great resource for finding shops that have great looking styles for women who may not know where to shop for great pieces that they can feel great in!


  5. What a nice collection. I know many ladies will need this resource. There is one Lane Bryant store close to my home. I am not a plus-size, but I am always attracted by their style.

  6. Great list of ideas for plus sized people. It’s good to be able to have a place that you can shop at and feel good. And I agree that they should be hiring more plus sized models so you can see how the clothes look on someone of your figure.

  7. Good thing there a now so many choices to look for such plus size clothes. I remember before it was just some shops too choose from. Thanks for sharing some lists.

  8. Lane Bryant has definitely stepped up their fashions in the last couple of years. I remember before it was all homely clothing and love the new sexier additions!

  9. I feel like it’s important to mention these type of sites, to show women to empower themselves, and be fashionable and comfortable no matter what size they are!

  10. My sister loves Torrid. She would come home with bags of fabulous clothes and amazing styles. You have some great list up there.

  11. I’ve only heard of a couple of these stores. It’s great that you’re sharing what you know with other plus sized women. I hate to see lovely ladies dressed in a matronly way, simply because they don’t know where to go to find stylish clothes. Nice work.

  12. Some of these are new to me! You definitely have to catch LB on sale as they can get pricey, but I do love their stuff. Thanks for these!

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