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Daily To-Do List

We live in a busy society, full of rushing from one place and one activity to the other. In the midst of our hectic live schedules, I have found that starting each day or ending each evening with an updated to-do list keeps me focused and productive. Not to mention, with my ADHD – I survive off to-do lists because I usually can’t remember what exactly I’m supposed to be doing.

There are so many To-do list apps available, however I love the Microsoft One Note app because it allows me to not only keep track of my action items but also allows me to free write and make notes of any ideas that pop into my head.

So how do I do it? Each night (or first thing in the morning if I forget) I sit down and plan out my goals for the day and it looks kinda like this….


As the day goes on I just check off my items and if I need to do something at a certain time (like schedule an appointment on my lunch break or return a call) I add that particular item to my calendar as an appointment and add an alarm to remind me.

I obsessively check my phone throughout my day (Hey…..I AM a millennial) so I added my to-do list to my home page of my phone so every time I open it – I see it – and it instantly reminds me of what I’m supposed to be doing.

Every day I make sure I add in my blog goals, health goals, and my daily tasks to make sure I stay on track and I can end each day with a sigh of relief knowing that I rocked and had a productive ass day.


Got a favorite To-do app that you like? Let me know!

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