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Pre-Op Liquid Diet for Gastric Sleeve

Disclaimer: As always, remember this experience is my own, speak with your physician and medical team before attempting any liquid diet plans. And remember, your plan my be completely different than mine.

It’s HERE! My gastric sleeve surgery is right around the corner and I have a cacophony of emotions swirling around. Excited for the road ahead, nervous about the anesthesia and procedure, but most of all – anxious to get off of this liquid pre-op fast! By far, this has been the most difficult challenge I’ve ever attempted. Two weeks with no solid food. Only broth, water, Poweraid Zero, watered down low-fat cream soups with no chunks, sugar-free popsicles, and the holy grail of all weight loss preop plans – sugar-free jello and protein shakes.
When I first read the list – I thought to myself – “not bad, I love soup! And Premier Protein Caramel shakes? I can drink those 24/7.”

Oh how naïve and silly I was.
I shopped for my goodies, filling up my cart with bone broth, chicken broth, vegetable broth, and protein shakes.
Then day one started.
I drank my protein shakes, guzzled my water, and snacked on some jello.
“This will be a breeze”
-_- you poor damn fool.

By day 3, I was faint and dizzy. My blood pressure was 126/65, I had never seen a number like that before in my adult life. I was taking in about 500-600 calories a day. I watched with envy as others talked about their modified liquid diet plans with lean proteins allowed. My eyes became glossy at the sight of fast food commercials on TV. I didn’t even crave junk food. I was craving anything. Fruits, vegetables, plain unseasoned chicken breast. Anything that had nutrition.
Its day 8 now. The broth is disgusting. Protein shakes make me want to vomit. And @#$^ jello. I’m just hangry. I had to recreate a new plan if I was going to make it 6 more days. So, on my lunch, I ran to the store and bought everything within my allowed diet. I scoured Pinterest for broth like recipes. I’m happy to say, today is the first day that I actually feel….sane. My breakfast was a protein shake and decaf coffee, my lunch was serving of Campbell’s Healthy Request Cheddar Soup (I use the term Cheddar very loosely -_-) that was thinned to milk consistency with water and had no chunks – mixed with Unjury unflavored protein powder. And dinner is Campbell’s Healthy Request Cream of Celery soup- thinned again along with a Premier Protein Bananas and Cream shake. Throughout the day I snacked on sugar-free popsicles and munched on crushed ice.
I think I can do this now.
The whole point of the liquid diet is to shrink your liver as much as possible so that the surgeons can maneuver inside better with easier access to your stomach. If for any reason the liver impedes the surgery, they can cancel the procedure or move to an open operation where instead of the tiny incisions, they now have to create a larger incision to operate safely.
No thank you.
While this is definitely the hardest part of the journey, it is also one of the most important. With proper planning and making use of all your available options…you can actually survive this grueling 2-week journey without sabotaging all your efforts. Below is my shopping list but of course, make sure you double check what is recommended and suitable for your plan.

My Pre-Op Liquid Diet Shopping List:
• Premier Protein Shakes in Carmel, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Bananas and Cream
• Sugar Free Jello – individual cups
• Low Sodium Chicken Stock
• Low Sodium Beef Stock
• Campbell’s Healthy Choice – Cream of Broccoli and Cheese
• Campbell’s Healthy Choice – Cream of Mushroom
• Campbell’s Healthy Choice – Cream of Chicken
• Campbell’s Healthy Choice – Cream of Celery
• Campbell’s Healthy Choice – Cream of Cheddar Cheese
• Hot and Sour Soup – heavily diluted (1/4 cup of soup, to 1 ½ cup water) No Chunks!
• Egg Drop Soup – heavily diluted (1/4 cup of soup, to 1 ½ cup water ) No Chunks!
• Skim Milk
• Caffeine Free Coffee
• Caffeine Free Tea
• Unjury Non Flavored Protein Mix
• Sugar Free Popsicles – fruity kind only with no chunks
• PowerAid Zero (I drank these when I felt light headed)

Sample Day for Me:
• A cup of decaf coffee with a protein shake
• An individual cup of Jello
• 20 ounces of water

• Premier Protein Shake
• Caffeine free tea
• Cream of celery soup – thinned to milk consistency
• 20 ounces of water

• 2 Sugar-Free popsicles

• EggDrop, Hot and Sour, or Cream of Broccoli and Cheese Soup thinned with broth or water.
• 1 scoop of Unjury Non-Flavored Protein mix

• 1 cup milk and 1 individual cup of sugar-free soup

Surviving the Pre-Op Liquid Diet

Feel free to check out the video below as well

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