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Meditate with the Calm app: A mobile tool for meditation

Stress! It truly is a killer! We all have a basic foundational knowledge of how to reduce stress. Eat right, sleep, limit stressful situations, etc. One way often mentioned is meditation. However I was never good with meditation. I would sit there, my mind would wander, and I felt like I accomplished nothing at the end. That was until I found a wonderful app called Calm ™. The Calm app is a mobile application that provides guided meditation for novice or pro users.

Release Stress with the Calm app

This meditation app is my new favorite app and it helps tailor meditation to your needs. Whether you just need music to do your own thing, or if you’re a meditation novice and you need help with guided meditation…. it does it all.

There are also specific meditations for positivity, forgiveness, sleep, etc. There are plenty of other specific medications available – some free and some you have to purchase to unlock. For me, the free ones alone are well worth downloading the app.

Calm App

So, I’m on my way to balancing the sh*t out of these energies.

By the way, I’m in no way affiliated with the Calm app. I just know how much it has helped me reduce my stress and suppress my backhanding urges.



Calm App

Calm for Apple users

Calm for Android users

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