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A Keeping it Real Post

Ive been struggling the past few months to find my direction for this blog. I started out looking at other blogs and thinking…..oh this is neat….maybe I’ll start doing fashion, makeup tutorials, and even fancy shopping trips. I deleted my old blog which was more of a journal and started this one. I found that I was having trouble writing content that reflects me…….because the blog itself didn’t reflect me. Writing about fashion is so not my style. I wear old tennis shoes from payless, stretch jeans that have rips from my thighs rubbing together, mixmatched socks because it is my curse in life to never keep anything the way its supposed to be, and my shirts range from grease stained t shirts from my husband to nice flow-y blouses that flutter in the wind. I wouldn’t know fashion if it backhanded me with its purse. So that category was out. I thought about makeup. I looooove make up. But all I wear is eyeshadow and lipstick. I don’t do foundations, contouring is ridiculous, highlighting is for books, and just get the f*ck out of here with the eye brow drawing. So that category was downsized. So what do I know about. Well I know about everything that reflects my life. Being broke and on a budget, trying to eat healthy and failing miserably along the way (……seriously…..have you TRIED bojangles breakfast bowl?!), experimenting with natural healing, avoiding exercise at all costs, embracing my sarcastic and often dark humor, being newly married and finding out what marriage really is,  giving advice, being a *goal* digger, living life as a cute fat ADHD 30 something woman, my endless pursuit to be a know it all, my asshole cats, trying to get out of debt, being an introvert, my uncanny ability to not give a f*ck about so many things yet also be an advocate and activist. This is what I know. These are things I can write about openly and honestly. These are things that I am a subject matter expert in.

Over the next few months and possibly year, you will see this blog morph into what I want it to be. Like me in person, I will always be open and honest. It will be the best reflection of me. It will be my perfectly imperfect home on the web.


Welcome to Curvy Logic


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3 thoughts on “A Keeping it Real Post

  1. I love the honesty you’ve shared in this post. We have to be true and honest to ourselves no matter everyone else may be doing.

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