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Loving yourself while losing weight, is it possible?

Is it possible to love yourself while losing weight?  Of course, it is! The reason I say it is – because the love for myself is not tied to my physical body… period! When I say I love me, I mean I love all of me. My butt is huge in my belly is big but I’ve learned to love my body with all its strengths and weaknesses and it wasn’t an easy task. You see people who hate their huge thighs or hate their cellulite which ends up leading to a self-loathing that shows itself in all areas of their life. Hatred should never be the driving factor behind the change and if you look deeper you’ll see that your problem doesn’t lie with your jiggly thighs – it’s an overall feeling of inadequacy that comes from constantly comparing yourself to others.

Whether I succeed in losing weight or not, the love I have for my body cannot diminish it can only grow. I love my body now and I imagine I would love it, even more, when I have increased energy, when I am able to grant it more experiences, and when I make it into an ideal environment for bearing a child. You can improve anything about yourself because you love yourself so much that you want to see it in its optimal state. So don’t be fooled! You don’t have to hate yourself to change! As a matter of fact, you better start learning to love yourself now, because if deep down you hate yourself no amount of weight loss will change that.

So take the time to speak love to your body each day. You only get one. Be thankful for the one you have.

Me – I love all of me.

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