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Love Yaself: A lesson in self love

Learning to accept and love yourself is a difficult task for most women of size. Women, in general, are always plagued by the thoughts of what others think about them, what others will say about them, and what other people see them as. As a woman who has weighed 514 pounds at her highest, who has been bullied and teased her whole life for every damn thing under the sun, who has dealt with snickering, gawking, and side glances. The one lesson I have mastered is this – do you, fuck everyone else. Bullying will not stop, the teasing will not stop. Someone will always find something about you that just fucks with them at their core because they themselves have some unresolved self-esteem issues. Whether they say it to your face or behind your back. So, fuck ’em. It takes practice, but once you learn to love every bit of you, you’ll never have to worry about the small minded shallow opinions of others. Embrace who you are, live your life by your standards and fuck what they have to say. Spend time on you and acknowledging your value and worth. Life’s too short to let the bullshit get to you. Real talk- I love me and there’s not a fucking thing anyone can say that can change that.

Invest in yourself, learn to love yourself, learn to be completely okay with you. Look yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself you are strong, beautiful, courageous, and you don’t need approval from anyone. Build yourself up.

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