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Green Crush Smoothie

The hardest thing for me is to get all of my recommended vegetables each day. Fruits I can always eat, but when it comes to green veggies, it’s hard for me to choke them down. What I love doing is mixing in my vegetables (kale or spinach) into my smoothies each day. My favorite is my Green Crush smoothie. This is smoothie is my go to midmorning drink that gets me going and that allows me get Crush my Green goals (ha…get it….Green Crush….Crush my Green Goals…..bahhhhh……you get it…..)

So here’s how I make it

Green Crush Smoothie

2 cups spinach (or Kale if you prefer)

1 Orange

1 Apple

½ Lemon

Filtered water (as much as you need to make the right consistency)

1 Tbsp. Turmeric

1 Tbsp. Ginger

If you’d like, throw in some cilantro as well.

Combine everything into a blender (I don’t juice, it sucks out all the fibrous material and I love that stuff) and blend away. I blend my mix the night before, put it in a mason jar, and then in the morning just shake it and go.

Boom. Now…..go crush your green goals with this Green Crush Smoothie

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