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DIY Guided Meditation

DIY Guided Meditation

I am a huge believer in meditation and affirmations. Meditation calms the mind, helps you focus, and affirmations when repeated over and over begin to change your thought process and thinking patterns. There are so many guided meditations available online through YouTube and even apps (the Calm App is the bomb) but it’s always best to have something personalized and tailored to you. So here is what I did to create my own guided meditation and affirmations that I can listen to each day when I wake.

If you’ve never done a guided meditation before, listen to a few to get some ideas of how they work before you begin. This will help you in customizing your own. The one’s I prefer are the body scans, where you go over each area of your body and focus on that part and imagine it relaxing and all tension leaving -from your toes to your crown.

As far as the length, they can be as short or as long as you would like, mine generally are about 5 minutes…..because I got stuff to do lol…but I still want to take a moment to focus my thoughts and mindset for the day.

So here is what you’ll need

  • A recording device on your phone – my phone has a voice recorder. I used this so that I could always have my recording with me.
  • Background music of your choice – any instrumental music is great. I love nature and flutes so I had a YouTube video of flute and nature meditation music playing quietly in the background while I recorded.
  • A list of what you would like to say – This can be a list of attributes that you want to see in yourself, mindsets you want to create, or just things you would like to focus on in your life. Keep the sentences short and sweet. A few of mine are “You are kind……….You are confident…….You are worthy of love….You are driven….You never give up…..You are successful….You are blessed….You radiate God’s love…” I have about 20 that I say ranging from health, self-growth, finance, and spiritual growth.
  • A soothing voice – Think of holding a baby in your arms while they are slowly drifting to sleep and you are telling them all the wonderful things about themselves in a quiet, normal (not a goo-goo baby voice) yet gentle tone.

Now get started recording

DIY Guided Meditation

Do a few test recordings of about 10 seconds each to make sure your background music isn’t too loud and your voice isn’t too soft. When you’ve found your right balance, start the music and hit record. Here is what I say:

  1. “Take a deep breath in……feel the air flowing into your lungs….filling them…..now let it flow out of your body” (I would say this 5 times – this slows down your breathing and prepares your mind for what’s next).
  2. “Continue your breathing and be aware of your body….starting with your feet……feel the sensation of your feet on the floor. Feel your feet release any tension and the muscles completely relax.” (20 seconds)
  3. “Now move to your legs……bring your attention to how they feel. Feel your legs release any and all tension and completely relax.” (20 seconds)
  4. “Move upward to your groin and abdomen……feel the muscles relaxing and releasing all tension” (20 seconds)
  5. “Now move to your chest and back……they too are now relaxing and releasing any tension” (20 seconds)
  6. “Moving to your arms and shoulders….your muscles are relaxing and becoming heavy. There is no more tension there” (20 seconds)
  7. “Continue upward to your neck, face, and head…every muscle…from your ears…your brows…your forehead…your lips….your cheeks….everything is now relaxed and all tension is leaving” (20 seconds)
  8. “Your body is now relaxed….your muscles are heavy…..there is no tension left if your body….listen to these next words and let them flow throughout every inch of your being…..let them become a part of you….” (10 seconds)
  9. Now begin to speak your affirmations. One by one. Gently. Slowly. Allowing a pause after each one so that they can reverberate throughout your body and your mind.
  10. Once this is done. Bring attention back to your body….
  11. “You are now slowly becoming more aware of your body. Bringing attention back to your surroundings. The words you spoke are now reverberating through your mind and spirit. When you are ready….slowly open your eyes and start your day.” Let a few seconds of the music play before you stop the recording.

And there you go. Your own personal guided meditation….tailored specifically for you. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me. Listen to your meditation every day for 90 days…..watch your life begin to change.

Tried it? Let me know how it worked for you!


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  1. I have never tried these remedies for meditation, but these are awesome tips. I most certainly will try these sometime!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

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